ASET Academy Facilities

Our Training Academy hosts a range of market-leading technology, equipment and workshops all set up in industrial settings to replicate the actual workplace. No other commercial energy training provider in the UK can offer such a unique and specialised training facility.

Abcol Oil & Gas Production Training Platform

The fully functional and live ABCOL Oil & Gas Production Training Platform is a hybrid of both legacy analogue and pneumatic equipment to some of the most leading edge technology such as its Emmerson Delta V Control System and integrated Emergency Shutdown System, electronic Permit to Work system, HART Fieldbus and HART Wireless Instrumentation, Triconex Trident Fire & Gas System and Emerson Daniels Metering Skid.

The ABCOL platform also features a Wellhead, two phase separator, pumps, compressors, full range of valves, flow meters, PLC’s, heat exchangers, chemical injection skid, vibration monitors, accumulators, double block and bleed valves, storage tanks and deluge system – replicating all the live processes involved in offshore oil and gas production from reservoir to offload.

ASET offers a range of instrumentation, process operations and process safety training delivered exclusively on the ABCOL Platform. This includes our North Sea industry standard and market leading “Safe Installation and Reinstatement of Plant and Equipment (SIRP training).

Compex Hazardous Areas Training Centre

ASET’s state of the art CompEx training centre is a modern and spacious facility following a major refurbishment in 2020. The centre was originally the first of its kind anywhere in the world when it opened in 1994 and continues to provide training for electrical and instrumentation technicians involved in the inspection, maintenance and installation of Ex hazardous areas equipment in offshore and onshore working environments.

The centre consists of:

  • 20 competence validation testing bays used to assess delegates in the preparation, installation and inspection of a range of electrical equipment commonly found in potentially hazardous areas in onshore and offshore working environments (EX01-04)
  • 4 competence validation testing bays used to assess candidates in the preparation, installation and inspection of electrical equipment in potentially hazardous combustible dust areas both in the onshore and offshore working environments (EX05-06)
  • 6 assessment bays used for inspection and maintenance of flameproof explosion protected motors
  • 3 CompEx mechanical assessment pump and motor skids used for inspection and fault finding
  • And a CompEx mechanical pipe rig trainer used for making up flanges and pressure testing

Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Workshops

ASET’s extensively equipped Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering Workshops, support the development, upskilling and transitioning of Maintenance Technicians, Oil and Gas Technicians and Wind Turbine Technicians. No other commercial training provider in Scotland has such a vast range of engineering equipment and technology, which includes the following:

  • Electrical work and test bays – single phase, three phase, 110, 220, and 415 voltsupplies
  • Battery room and Uninterrupted Power Supply systems
  • Electric car vehicle charging equipment
  • Over twenty different manufacturers of Protection Relay equipment
  • Instrumentation pressure, temperature, level and flow field devices
  • Legacy and smart instrumentation
  • Programmable logic controllers systems
  • Hydraulic and Electrohydraulic Training Rigs
  • Valve pressure test rig
  • Centrifugal pumps, compressors and diesel engines
  • Gearboxes and Mechanical breaking system
  • Pipe training rigs
  • Laser alignment equipment
  • Range of valves which include gate, globe, ball, relief
  • Shell and tube and plate heat exchangers
  • Work benches, pillar drills, bandsaws and bench grinders,
  • And a vast range of electrical and mechanical engineering tools and test equipment

High Voltage Training Centre

ASET’s unique High Voltage / Low Voltage Training Centre features a range of leading technology not available at any other training centre in Scotland. Live power is simulated at 6.6kv with a load bank which simulates load sharing between generators.

A full range of HV and LV switchboards which can either be remotely switched through the electric control panel or locally at the boards themselves.

The primary electrical supply comes from ASET’s Power Generators and VSD (Variable Synchronised Drives) which allows training delegates to synchronise and load share during training exercises.

Two fully rated transformers feed between HV to LV boards. There are also seven fully rated Circuit Vacuum Breakers on the HV board and three Air Circuit Breakers on the LV boards.

ASET provides an exclusive City & Guilds 0672 certification which has become the industry standard and competence based entry qualification for electrical personnel involved in the inspection and maintenance of HV / LV switchgear systems.

OPITO Approved Emergency Response Training Centre

ASET’s OPITO Approved Emergency Response Training Centre uses high fidelity computer based screen simulation supported with state of the art communications technology to replicate real life emergency responses and critical situations in the offshore and onshore oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

Our On-line training simulation technology also provides highly effective training to delegates who are unable to attend the ASET Emergency Response Training Centre in person. ASET is a leading training provider in training and assessing Offshore Installation Managers, Control Room Operators and members of Emergency Response teams. ASET also provides Emergency training for personnel working on onshore and offshore windfarms. Bespoke training can also be offered for any companies whose personnel are required to coordinate and manage emergency response and critical situations. 

The ASET Emergency Response Training team is comprised of high calibre training professionals, who are ex-coastguard emergency management personnel, OIMs, CROs and Wind Turbine Technicians.

Marine Training Centre

ASET’s Marine Training Centre was the first Nautical Institute Approved Centre anywhere in the world for Dynamic Positioning training when it opened in 1984. ASET was also the first IADC recognised and approved centre in 1987 for training in stability and ballast control for semi-submersibles and marine operations of self-elevating platforms. ASET is internationally renowned for providing world class training in this field.

The centre has the latest Kongsberg K-Sim High Fidelity Simulator and a range of K-Sim desktop simulators to support its Dynamic Positioning training. Our hydraulic actuated motion controlled simulator creates realistic operational and marine conditions for our stability and ballast control and jack-up operations training.

Our online training simulation technology also provides highly effective training to delegates who are unable to attend the ASET Marine Training Centre in person. This includes ASET’s Rig Move Operations for Mobile Offshore Units to support energy transition.

Scaffolding Training Centre

ASET’s Scaffolding Training Centre is a purpose built modern training facility equipped with a 3 bay layout area and two 2 raised gantry levels, supported by a steel structure to accommodate cantilever exercises and over the side scaffolding operations.

The centre accommodates up to 27 trainees and offers the full range of tube and fitting and bespoke systems training to industry standard. The centre is accredited by CISRS and SQA and the only Approved Centre in the North East of Scotland region that supports the CITB Scaffolding Apprenticeship Scheme.

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