Mechanical Engineering

Valve Maintenance and Valve Pressure Testing: SCQF Level 6

Duration:  3 days
Per Delegate:  £690.00

Practical Content


Theoretical Content


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of safe working.
  • Gain knowledge in the preparation of components and how to identify the condition of valves and their maintenance and testing requirements within a mechanical plant.
  • Ability to recognise the health and safety issues related to valve maintenance and testing.
  • Gain an understanding of the types and principles of valves.

Course Content

  • Introduction to various common types of valve used in industry and their typical construction
  • Applications, valve pressure rating and flange classes
  • Valve repair and servicing in the field and its practical limitations
  • Pressure testing requirements for valves. Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing procedures and current standards. Body leak and seat leakage test procedures to current national standards. Acceptance criteria for leak tests. (Delegates own company standards may be introduced here if provided)
  • Hazards involved in valve pressure testing and associated risk reduction measures
  • Practical valve overhaul and test of a selection from the following valves; ball, gate, globe, diaphragm


Delegates will undertake a multiple-choice examination paper to demonstrate they have achieved the key learning outcomes detailed above.

PPE Requirements

Safety footwear, coveralls, safety glasses and gloves.

Target Audience
Target Audience

Engineers and technicians from a non-mechanical discipline who require an understanding and know-how of the fundamentals of valve maintenance and valve pressure testing. Mechanical engineers and technicians who wish to refresh or enhance their existing skills in relation to valve maintenance and valve pressure testing.


SCQF Credit Rated Certificate.

Recognised within the SCQF framework and contributes to an individuals Continued Professional Development (CPD). This course equates to 2 SCQF credit points. 

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