Mechanical Engineering

GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT) Mechanical Module

Duration:  2 days
Per Delegate:  £515.00

Practical Content


Theoretical Content


Delegates are required to be WINDA registered before arriving for the course. To register please visit and follow the instructions through the delegate registration portal. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you need assistance with this.

Key Learning Outcomes

The aim of this GWO BTT Standard Mechanical Module is to give the delegates the knowledge and skills to carry out basic tasks (supervised by an experienced technician).

Course Content

  • Explain the main components, mechanical systems and the basic operation of wind turbines
  • Explain risks and hazards associated with mechanics
  • Understand the principles of bolted and welded connections and their inspection
  • Demonstrate practical skills in the use of manual tightening and measuring tools
  • Demonstrate the correct use of hydraulic torque and tensioning tools
  • Explain the principles of a gearbox
  • Explain the function of the brake systems and demonstrate how to inspect them
  • Explain the function of the yaw system and explain how to inspect it
  • Explain the function of the cooling system and demonstrate how to inspect it
  • Explain the function of the lubrication system and demonstrate how to inspect it


Delegates will undertake a multiple-choice examination paper and practical exercises to demonstrate they have achieved the key learning outcomes detailed above.

PPE Requirements

Safety footwear, coveralls, safety glasses and gloves.

Further Information

Delegates are also required to complete a medical self-assessment form on commencement of the course to certify they are capable of fully participating.

Target Audience
Target Audience

Delegates who want to gain a greater understanding on the fundamentals of mechanical engineering in relation to the renewable energy sector, in particular wind turbines.


GWO Certificate.

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