Marine Operations

Dynamic Positioning Refresher and Competence Assesment Course

Duration:  5 days
Per Delegate:  £1,700.00

Practical Content


Theoretical Content


Delegates should hold a DPO Certificate issued by the Nautical Institute. The original DPO certificate should be presented at the DP centre where the DP Refresher Course is completed.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Have acquired knowledge of the latest rules and regulations
  • Have acquired knowledge of the latest developments within sensors and PRS
  • Have acquired knowledge of the latest relevant DP incidents and why they occurred
  • Be able to recognise the various alarm, warning and information messages
  • Carry out operational planning, risk assessment and hazard identification tasks
  • Set up the DP system for a particular task/operation
  • Decide on courses of action because of systems failure

Course Content

  • DP Rules and Regulations
  • DP Sensors and PRS
  • DP Set Up
  • DP Bridge Watchkeeping
  • Position Keeping
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Alarms and Indicators
  • Change of DP Watch
  • Normal Completion of a DP Operation
  • Operating in Joystick Mode (DP Joystick)
  • Emergency Situation
  • Emergency Performance/Response to two elements


Delegates will undertake an online multiple-choice assessment and a practical assessment to demonstrate they have achieved the key learning outcomes listed above.

PPE Requirements

PPE not required.

Target Audience
Target Audience

Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPOs) with current DPO certificate that have 30 days or more DP sea time but less than 150 DP sea time.


ASET International Energy Training Academy Certificate (recognised and approved by the Nautical Institute).

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