CompEx Hazardous Areas

Compex Recognised Practitioners Programme (EX01RPP-EX04RPP)

Duration:  2 days
Per Delegate:  £490.00

Practical Content


Theoretical Content


Delegates are required to have a CompEx National Certificate of Core Competence achieved within the last 5 years and evidence of electrical certificates

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Know the correct national regulations, directives and IEC standards which are applicable to hazardous areas.
  • Know the correct criteria and descriptors used to classify a hazardous area.
  • Recognise the correct characteristics of common hazardous gases and vapours discussed in the course.
  • Demonstrate an underpinning knowledge of how certified Ex electrical equipment including Ex ‘d’, ‘e’, ‘n’, ‘p’, ‘m’, ‘o’, ‘q’, ‘s’, and Intrinsic Safety (IS) maintains its protection concept, and how it is to be selected, installed, inspected, and maintained.

Course Content

  • General principles, ignition properties and apparatus protection
  • Standards, certification and marking
  • Flameproof Ex’d’ protection
  • Increased safety Ex’e’
  • Type Ex’n’ protection
  • Pressurisation Ex‘px’, Ex’py’ and Ex’pz’ protection
  • Intrinsic safety Ex ‘ia’, ‘ib’ and ‘ic’ protection
  • Other methods of protection, Ex’o’, Ex’q’ and Ex’m’
  • Combined (hybrid) methods of protection
  • Wiring systems, enclosure entries, cable glanding and earthing
  • Inspection and maintenance to EN/IEC 60079-17
  • Sources of ignition
  • Equipment selection
  • Fault finding exercises


Delegates will undertake an online multiple-choice examination and practical assessment to demonstrate they have achieved the key learning outcomes detailed above.

PPE Requirements

Safety footwear, coveralls, safety glasses and gloves.

Further Information

Recognised Practitioners Programme (RPP) must be completed prior to the 5 year expiry date otherwise 5-day CompEx Course must be retaken

Target Audience
Target Audience

Personnel who hold an in-date CompEx National Certificate of Core Competence certificate which requires renewal


CompEx National Certificate of Core Competence renewed for a further 5 years.

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