Assessor & Verifier Qualifications

Internally Monitor and Maintain the Quality of Workplace Assessment: Unit L&D11 SQA SCQF Level 8

Duration:  2 days classroom
Per Delegate:  £1,540.00

Practical Content


Theoretical Content


There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding on the processes of preparing and planning to carry out internal quality assurance.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to carry out planned monitoring of the quality of assessment.
  • Understanding of how to provide assessors with feedback, advice and support to help them maintain and improve their assessment practice.
  • Understand the requirements of meeting appropriate external quality assurance.

Course Content

  • Standards of competence
  • Verification strategies
  • Verifier’s role and responsibilities
  • Constructing and maintaining an IQA CPD log (now a formal condition of maintaining IQA status)
  • Assistance and guidance on how to construct a portfolio of evidence
  • Professional discussion
  • The verification process:
    • Planning for internal quality assurance of assessment
    • Evaluating quality of assessment
    • Internally maintain and improve the quality of assessment
    • Manage information relevant to the internal quality assurance of assessment
    • Maintain legal and good practice requirements when internally monitoring and maintaining the quality of assessment.


  • Trainee Verifier must compile a portfolio of evidence to satisfy the awarding body criteria.
  • To achieve this qualification the verifier candidate is required to carry out the monitoring activities in their organisation’s quality assurance procedures in accordance with appropriate external quality assurance requirements.
  • Their knowledge will be assessed by taking part in a discussion with their assessor, answering questions (written or oral), verifier-candidate statement or a combination of all of these.
  • The verifier-candidate’s performance will be assessed by the assessor looking at products of work, for example:
    • The verifier-candidate will be observed monitoring the activities of one assessor.
    • Review meetings conducted with the ASET Lead Verifier and the trainee verifier to authenticate the ongoing portfolio of evidence.
    • Final meeting for summative assessment of portfolio of evidence.

PPE Requirements

No PPE required for this course.

Target Audience
Target Audience

Anyone within an organisation whose role requires them to internally assure the quality of assessment. The course is also aimed at those who require an understanding of the role of internally assuring the quality of assessment within a Competence Standard System. This is a competence-based qualification; therefore this course is for individuals who will undertake the post-course work to achieve their award.


SQA Verifier certificate.

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