Gwo Basic Technical Training (btt) Combined

About this course

Practical Content 60% Theoretical Content 40%

Target Audience:

Delegates who want to gain a greater understanding on the fundamentals of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering in relation to the renewable energy sector, in particular wind turbines.

Key Learning Outcomes:

• GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT) is an entry level course that enables delegates to perform basic mechanical, electrical and hydraulic tasks in a wind turbine environment under the supervision of an experienced technician.


Course Content:

• Explain the basics of electricity
• Explain risks and hazards associated with electrical work
• Explain the function and symbol of electrical components
• Explain the function of different types of sensors
• Explain and interpret a simple electrical diagram and demonstrate how to assembly it on a circuit
• Demonstrate how to make correct and safe measurements

• Explain the main components, mechanical systems and the basic operation of wind turbines
• Explain risks and hazards associated with mechanics
• Understand the principles of bolted and welded connections and their inspection
• Demonstrate practical skills to use manual tightening and measuring tools.
• Demonstrate the correct use of hydraulic torque and tensioning tools
• Explain the principles of a gearbox
• Explain the function of the brake systems and demonstrate how to inspect them
• Explain the function of the yaw system and explain how to inspect it
• Explain the function of the cooling system and demonstrate how to inspect it
• Explain the function of the lubrication system and demonstrate how to inspect it

• Explain the basics of hydraulics
• Explain risks and hazards associated with hydraulic work
• Explain the function of different types of pumps and demonstrate how to check start/ stop pressure of a pump
• Explain the function of different types of actuators
• Explain the function of different types of valves
• Explain the function of accumulators and demonstrate how to check and pre-charge them
• Explain the function of different types of sensors
• Identify the components which transfer the oil
• Describe the handling of oil procedures
• Identify and find different components on a hydraulic diagram
• Demonstrate how to measure the hydraulic pressure accurately


Each delegate will undertake a multiple-choice examination paper and practical exercises to demonstrate they have achieved the key learning outcomes detailed above.


GWO Certificate

Required Instructor Qualification/Experience:

• SVQ Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
• GWO Certified in BTT

Min/Max Delegates:


Special Requirements:

Be WINDA registered before arriving for the course
Delegates are required to supply their own PPE.

Notes to Customers:

To set up a course specifically for your company or if the dates above are not suitable please contact the ASET Customer Service Team for additional dates.



This course has given me a lot more understanding of pressure testing and will be very useful in the future

Colin Crichton
Woodgroup PSN

Good course well presented

Simon Delvin
Aker Offshore Partner

Lecturer was very thorough throughout course. Enjoyed having the chance to improve original skills and learn from an experienced person

Sean Burrows
Quick Flange UK

Instructors were very knowledgeable and good training. Very good practical training

Anjum Shafiq
BG Group

Very worthwhile course and enlightened with different approaches & various scenarios

William Aitken
Wood Group PSN Ltd

Course very informative, Lecturer knowledgeable and professional with effective means of imparting knowledge

Gilbert Duthie
Health and Safety Executive

Excellent Instructor, thank you!

Klem Lipinski
NIIT Limited UK

Excellent facilities, excellent support from ASET team, would recommend ASET without hesitation

Malcolm Anderson
Talisman Energy (UK)

Thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has been extremely useful and I will take all of the learning back to my own facilities. Materials and environment were all excellent as were the ASET team

Warren O’Neill
BG Group

Although being apprehensive about attending the course, I was made to feel at ease and enjoyed the overall experience. I would not hesitate to recommend to others

Roger Murray
Petrojarl Floating Production (uk) Ltd

Lecturing was very good, clear and concise

Martin Young
NIIT Limited UK

Really good set up in this course and exceeded my original expectations. Will definitely recommend to others. Training and coaching was second to none and more importantly realistic

Darren Honeyman
Talisman Sinopec Energy Uk Ltd

Excellent course with realistic situations. Great use of feedback after excercises.

Graham Speirs
Teekay Voyageur Production Ltd

Very informative and well taught

Connor Innes
Petrofac Training Ltd

Really good course which was greatly delivered

Ross Simpson
A W Training Services

The lecturer was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful with the course content as well as providing lots of good information above and beyond the requirements which gave me an insight into the world of DP

Sam Wood
Gulfmark UK Ltd

Very informative, well presented

John Bey
Wood Group PSN Ltd

Great course especially the simulator. Good that the lecturer has past and ongoing practical experience

Kevin Blair
KCA Deutag Technical Support Ltd 

Very happy with this course, it has brought up my level of understanding

Tom Simpson
Wood Group PSN Ltd

Great course, valuable lessons learned. The experience and knowledge shared is of great benefit

Alan Maclean
Dolphin Drilling Personnel Pte Ltd

Good course with very knowledgeable instructors

Ross Mackenzie
Private Delegate

Good lecturer that made everything clear

Matthew Thom
Wood Group PSN Ltd

Excellent course

Arthur Knipe
Bibby Ship Management (Western Europe) Ltd


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